Before launching lead generation campaigns, you need to define who your potential customer is. To do this, we suggest creating Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a description of the ideal company that consumes your product, and Buyer Persona is an ideal portrait of the personality of the consumer you want to attract. These ideal companies/persons are the ones who are most likely to buy your product, need it the most, are loyal to it, and will recommend it to others.

Why do I need to create an ICP and Buyer Personas before launching outreach campaigns in Impasto?

  1. To properly configure the search for potential customers (prospects).
  2. To create marketing campaigns that accompany the lead generation process on LinkedIn (optional).
  3. To create the relevant message sequences for the best conversions.

Як створити ICP та Buyer Personas?

Щоб створити ICP та Buyer Personas, потрібно відповісти на низку запитань, наведених за цим лінком - Template ICP + Buyer Persona.

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Якщо ви хочете звернутись до більш як однієї групи потенційних клієнтів, означте ці групи окремо. Сегментація вашої аудиторії допоможе створити влучніші повідомлення з меседжами, які відповідають потребам клієнтів.

Ось готові приклади створених портретів:

How to create ICP and Buyer Personas?

To create ICPs and Buyer Personas, you need to answer a number of questions at this link - [ICP + Buyer Persona Template]. If you have no access to the document please contact an Impasto manager at [email protected].

<aside> 💡 Please note that there are two tabs in the document. Copy the document, fill it out and share the finished document with our manager.


If you want to reach out to more than one group of potential customers, define these groups separately. Segmenting your audience will help you create more targeted messages that meet your customers' needs.

Here are examples of created portraits:

Another example of an ICP

Another example of an ICP

If you've come up with a complete picture of your ICP and Buyer Personas, let's move on to the next step.